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Laminated wooden core with
laminated ABS sidepieces and
circumferential steel edge.

Length of each board 663 mm
Weight of each board 1.308 g
Total length 1.367 mm
Width 300 - 255 - 300 mm
Weight 4.630/4447 g.

Comes with 8 inserts to mount
hard boot- or soft boot-bindings
on both boards.
Standing points range
from 440 - 670 mm.
  Connector element:
Made out of a combination
of aluminum with high
impact resistant synthetic.
The elastomeric bearings
are screwed in and
are equipped with
a High-Secure-Inlet (HSI).

Snowsnaker Certification
The snowsnaker was certified by the
Certificate no: Z1A 02 01 44522 001.
Valid 2002/2003

TÜV 2002/03:
Sign TÜV Mark P
TÜV GS 2002/03:
Sign GS B
  GS 2002/03:
Sign GS A
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